Reading with TLC


“My kindergarteners love the letter/word work of TLC! They adore the Lively Letters music and songs! With sparkling eyes and a heart bursting with pride, Alexander states, ‘That’s the fire breathing dragon!’ Ali hardly ever speaks, but now he knows almost all his letters and sounds! He can express himself through his kindergarten writing. Polly can now say ‘three’ instead of ‘free.’ Ashley says the sound when she sees or writes most letters, and it is fantastic! Pedro can say ‘rabbit’ instead of ‘wabbit.’ His mom is thrilled. Ben cried when the substitute did not play the ‘i’ song. I have been teaching for eighteen years. I have had phone conversations with you, and have felt the sincerity of what you wish to bring to primary students. Thank you.”

Jennifer ~ K teacher in Scarsdale, NY

“I’ve begun to use this approach and it REALLY WORKS! You are geniuses and I do mean that sincerely.”

Eileen ~ Hopkinton School System

“As a student who had reading difficulties, I wish this program had been around for me. I truly feel this program makes a difference for a VARIETY of learning styles.”
Carleen ~ educator in Massachusetts
“Recently I was introduced to this program and it has changed my perception of how to teach reading. I have only used this for two months and my students are making HUGE strides in that time.”
Morgan ~ Title One paraprofessional
“My students are always asking, ‘What letter friend do we get to learn today?’ or ‘When will we learn a new letter?’ The program is easy to use – telling stories and giving cues. I especially like the Sight Words piece, which I used to struggle with because it was so boring.”
Jodi ~ teacher
“As a speech pathologist, I really like the fact that it can be used with a wide range of students: those with memory, cognitive, language deficits, and many more.”
Sharon ~ speech pathologist in NH
“This is the first time I have felt ALL kinds of learners are engaged as phonics is taught!”
Anne ~ special education teacher in Rhode Island
“Excellent program! It is flexible and can be used in whole class and remedial. Fun for both teachers and students. Can be used with ANY literature and phonics based program. Materials are well organized, clearly presented, and user-friendly. A power-packed program!”
Carol ~ reading specialist in New England
“I am so excited that classroom teachers, reading teachers, and Special Ed. teachers are all talking the same language with this program!”
Diane ~ reading teacher in Massachusetts

“FINALLY- this is something that is so concrete and still flexible, and it is so much fun to use!” Pam ~ first grade teacher in Connecticut

“I absolutely LOVE this program! I saw such success with my students – they would BEG me to introduce more sounds or review the ones we learned.”
Cindy ~ kindergarten teacher
“This is the best program I’ve seen on phonics in 34 years of teaching (18 years in kindergarten).”
Ray ~ teacher in AWRS District

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