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The Program

Sight Words You Can See, created by Penny Castagnozzi in 1993, is designed to easily train the phonetically irregular high frequency words that students need to acquire to become fluent readers after learning phonics skills. This program uses thin line drawings in and around the challenging words to link the letter patterns to the pronunciation and meaning of each word. These engaging images, along with humorous stories with mnemonics (memory tricks), help create strong, long-lasting impressions for students to quickly recall when reading. Relying on a student’s phonics skills, and using orthographic mapping helps students decode the otherwise confusing and frustrating sight words they need to master to go beyond phonetically controlled books.

Who Benefits

Early readers, and those who are struggling at any age, can benefit from this powerful program. Because Sight Words You Can See relies on a student’s phonics skills to sound out the parts of these words that follow typical spelling rules, it is recommended to boost phonics skills first with the Lively Letters program or another effective, structured phonics approach. Because of the strong imagery and mnemonic cues, most students can move through all 86 words in a matter of 6 weeks to 4 months, depending on their academic abilities and weaknesses.

New Gen Sight Angela BUY

New Generation Cards and Manual

Proven successful since 1993, the New Generation Sight Words You Can See were created in 2023. This revised and refreshed program now includes 86 of the most challenging high frequency words from the Dolch sight word list – those abstract words that have irregular or infrequent spelling patterns that would not be easy to sound out until they are memorized. The words, with and without the mnemonic picture cues, are printed on strong, coated card stock, with larger, clearer images than the classic edition. This revised edition now has the story of each word printed on the back of each picture word card for easier introduction by educators. The picture words, now printed onto white cards, have color coded brackets to help educators stay organized, moving the students through the words following the colors of the rainbow. Moving through each colored set motivates students to progress through the 7 original sets and the two bonus words. Each picture word card has a matching plain word card that students are drilled with to transfer their skills to the plain letter level, preparing them to read the new sight words in lists, phrases, and sentences.


Also included is a revised, more complete manual that includes not only the introduction stories for all of the word cards, but general instructions, pre- and post- tests, progress monitoring sheets, reproducible worksheets at the word, phrase, and sentence level, and reproducible mini cards for practice at home or at students’ desks.



New Gen Sight Manual and done

Purchasing and Free Samples

For small group or individual work, use the New Generation Sight Words You Can See Basic Set. For large group or whole class settings, use the New Generation Sight Words You Can See Class Sized Set. This program can be purchased on its own or as part of some discounted bundles. The New Generation Sight Words You Can See cards and stories are also available in the Reading with TLC Studio.

Check out free samples on our Free Resources page to see how easy and fun it can be to train phonetically irregular sight words! 

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