In 1990, speech-language pathologist, Nancy Alemian Telian, MS, CCC-SLP, began drawing the original Lively Letters characters as a way to help her students in Boston with phonemic awareness, phonics, and speech weaknesses learn what they should be doing with their mouths when making letter sounds. Nancy’s sister, Penny Alemian Castagnozzi, an elementary educator, joined her in 1991 to add finishing touches and help create supplemental products. Since then, Lively Letters has grown into an internationally renowned reading program used by more than 75,000 educators around the world.

Millions of students have grown to love Nancy’s and Penny’s colorful letter characters and engaging materials, but over the years we’ve received requests and suggestions from educators on how to make the program even more valuable and culturally relevant.

Everything you love about the Classic Lively Letters is part of the New Generation but we’ve updated the artwork and now offer an even broader range of letter cards. Plus, all New Generation Lively Letters card sets include the plain letters, too!

We’ve put together photos of the new cards and other products for you to preview. Download the sneak peek. (The PDF is 200mb, so it may take a while to download.)

Compare the Classic Lively Letters with the New Generation

Research-based, clinically proven materials and strategies to improve phonemic awareness, phonics, and speech production X X
Characters embedded into letters X X
Mouth, hand, and body cues X X
Song for each letter sound X X
Funny mnemonic stories X X
Addresses multiple targets X X
Errorless responding techniques X X
Digitally enhanced and modern characters X
Balance of male and female characters X
Culturally diverse characters X
Consistently sized and aligned letters X
Plain letters included with all letter picture card sets X
Uppercase picture and plain letter cards in basic, class, and mini sizes X
Lowercase mini cards feature “Human” and “Alien” pictures to practice real vs. nonsense words X
All sets include two versions of “c” — one for hard “c” and one for hard & soft “c” X
Newly designed, sturdy boxes for basic and class size sets X
Workbooks available in print X X
Workbooks will soon be available as eBooks X
Easy reference letter sequence sheet in all boxed sets X

Become Part of the New Generation of Lively LettersLively Letters New Generation

Classic Lively Letters can continue to be used until your cards wear out, but the New Generation of Lively Letters has so much to offer we don’t think you’ll be able to wait that long to get your hands on the new cards and other teaching resources.

“Excellent program! It is flexible and can be used in whole class and remedial. Fun for both teachers and students. Can be used with ANY literature and phonics based program. Materials are well organized, clearly presented, and user-friendly. A power-packed program!”
~ Carol, Reading Specialist in New England