Reading with TLC

Reading with TLC Studio

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does the Reading with TLC Studio cost?
The Reading with TLC Studio costs $9.99 per month per instructor. There are discounts if you purchase by volume, or by annual pre-pay.

Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes! We accept purchase orders for those purchasing annual subscriptions. If you need to use a purchase order for the Reading with TLC Studio, fill out our form for purchase orders and group subscriptions here. 

Do I need to purchase a subscription for each student?
No, only an instructor needs a subscription! This platform is designed to provide teachers, clinicians and parents tools to deliver Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See lessons to their students, clients, and children.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your subscription at any time, but will not be refunded for the month or year that you are in at the time of cancellation. You will retain access to Reading With TLC Studio for the remainder of that period.

Can I use the Reading with TLC Studio on Tablet or Phone?
Yes! While the Studio experience is best optimized for desktops and laptops, the Reading with TLC Studio can also be used on tablets and phones.

Does the Reading with TLC Studio work with smart boards?
If your smart board is compatible with Chrome or Safari, and can interact with websites, it’s likely that your smart board will work with the Reading with TLC Studio. Many teachers use their smart board with our Flashcard Lessons, Whiteboard, Studio features to do in-class lessons and practice.

Can I use the Reading with TLC Studio for Virtual Lessons on Zoom?
Yes, as long as your conferencing software (Zoom, GotoMeeting, etc.) supports screen sharing, the Reading with TLC Studio can be used for virtual lessons and classes.

Can students log into the platform?
No, only the instructor may log into the platform. When working in 1 on 1 or with groups, it’s encouraged to allow students to work with the Virtual Whiteboard, the Flashcard Lessons, and the other Studio features by working in person or online.

Can I make copies of the downloadable content?
Yes, subscribers may make copies of the content that is marked for download, and use this explicitly for their own in-class and online instructional use. You may not distribute this content to other instructors, or other classes without an additional subscription.

Can I get credits for the webinars in the Reading with TLC Studio?
Yes, for most webinars, there are supplemental handouts, along with a post-webinar assessment. If completed successfully, participants will automatically receive certificates of attendance.

How often is new content added to the Reading with TLC Studio?
New content is added monthly to the Studio. From time to time, we may release additional content more frequently.

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