FREE Overview of Reading with TLC™

This free, 1.5 hour webinar illustrates how educators can implement the TLC programs (Lively Letters™ and Sight Words You Can See™) to develop phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight word skills with research-based, data-driven strategies that effect quick, dramatic gains. The presenters will touch upon some of the current research and the clinical studies that support the use of the selection of TLC's methods and materials that they will be highlighting. Presented by Penny Castagnozzi and Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP.

FREE Instructional Showcase on the Lively Letters™ Phonics App

This webinar provides a showcase of instructions on how to use the Lively Letters™ Phonics App for iPads and iPhones. Along with the app instructions will be some of our key strategies for phonemic awareness and phonics, that can now be applied while using the app.  Flashing: Learn how to teach and drill letter sounds and speech production skills, using the Lively Letters™ recorded letter sound stories (English and Spanish)and the other features within that activity. Tracking: Learn how to apply the classic Lively Letters™ tracking word play techniques while using the app. Matching: Help students transfer from picture cards to plain letter cards, and from lowercase to uppercase letters with the matching game. Presented by Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP and Penny Castagnozzi.