Sight Words LogoSight Words You Can See™, created by Penny Castagnozzi, is a research-based, multi-sensory program that uses mnemonics and imagery to train 84 of the most difficult, phonetically irregular sight words, such as “come,” “have,” and “what.”

Unique Features

Embedded Imagery

Funny Mnemonic Stories

Why it Works

The mnemonic cues lightly drawn in and around these most difficult sight words link all three aspects of the sight words:

  • how they’re spelled
  • how they’re pronounced
  • what they mean

Engaging, Multi-sensory Products

Browse our multisensory tools to quickly train phonetically irregular sight words in a way that’s easy and fun!

All types of learners

Sight Words You Can See™ works for all types of learners, and works best for students with reading challenges including those with:

  • Poor phonic skills
  • Visual processing problems
  • Short term memory weaknesses

Implementing Sight Words You Can See™
It is recommended that Sight Words You Can See™ be used after a student has developed a strong phonics base, and typically after they complete all or most of the Lively Letters™ program.

Depending on the student and the intensity and frequency of instruction, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months to learn all of the sight words in this program.

Cues and Imagery your Students will Love

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Sightword Sample Cards Collage

We get results

Sightword girlSince 1996, Sight Words You Can See™ has been successfully and quickly developing students' sight word banks, improving oral reading fluency and allowing students to concentrate less on decoding words and more on reading comprehension vocabulary.

It also helps students quickly learn to read and spell the most difficult sight words (from the Dolch sight word list) without the typical stress and frustration associated with the rote drills.