Lively Letters LogoLively Letters™ is a research-based and clinically-proven, multi-sensory reading program that turns plain, abstract letters and sounds into lively characters. Created by Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP, forty-seven letters and letter combinations are embedded into colorful pictures that show students what to do with their mouths when making the letter sounds.

Unique Features

Embedded Imagery

Mouth, hand, and body cues


Funny Mnemonic Stories

Why it Works

Addressing Multiple Targets

The Lively Letters™ program addresses multiple targets, simultaneously training students in the critical skills of:

• phonemic awareness
• phonics
• speech production

Oral Kinesthetics and Mnemonics

The oral kinesthetic (mouth cues) feature of the Lively Letters™ Program helps set it apart from other multi-sensory programs, as students are taught what to do with their mouths in order to produce the sounds.

This is done in a fun and engaging way as students are introduced to meaningful letter characters that are strategically embedded right into the letters.

Errorless Responding

Lively Letters™ uses proven strategies for errorless responding to prevent sequencing errors and impulsive guessing for those with rapid naming problems.

Engaging, Multisensory Products

Browse our multi-sensory materials and workbooks that make learning to read easy and fun.

Multisensory Products

“I absolutely LOVE this program! I saw such success with my students - they would BEG me to introduce more sounds or review the ones we learned." ~ Cindy, kindergarten teacher

Quickly and dramatically closing Achievement Gaps

Lively Letters™ students gain years in reading levels skills in just weeks.

Students trained with the Lively Letters™ program typically show improvements of 1.5 to 3 grade levels in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonetic decoding, and oral reading in as little as 6-8 weeks, with even higher gains seen in older students.

The keys to closing achievement gaps

  • Quickly training letter sound associations
  • Improving speech production skills for articulating the sounds
  • Building high-level phonemic awareness skills of sound blending, segmenting and manipulation
  • Training skills of phonetic reading and spelling of single words (one-syllable through multisyllable)
  • Building automaticity for single word decoding (reading), which helps improve reading fluency

Characters your students will love!

Meet a few of the Lively Letters™! Explore our free resources - songs, stories, coloring pages, and activities.

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State Standards and Multi-tiered Systems of Support

Lively Letters™ is aligned with Common Core, and other state standards. It is also used in all tiers of multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) such as Response to Intervention (RTI). School systems, administrators, and clinicians who use Reading with TLC in all three tiers of instruction consistently show:

  • tremendous improvements in standardized tests of reading and spelling
  • significant reductions in referrals for early intervention and special education services

Lively Letters - there’s an app for that!

The only app for phonemic awareness, phonics, and speech production that can actually teach these skills, not just drill or test them.

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