Testimonials of the Reading with TLC seminars:

Testimonials of the Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See programs:

“My kindergarteners love the letter/word work of TLC! They adore the Lively Letters music and songs! With sparkling eyes and a heart bursting with pride, Alexander states, ‘That's the fire breathing dragon!’ Ali hardly ever speaks, but now he knows almost all his letters and sounds! He can express himself through his kindergarten writing. Polly can now say ‘three’ instead of ‘free.’ Ashley says the sound when she sees or writes most letters, and it is fantastic! Pedro can say ‘rabbit’ instead of ‘wabbit.’ His mom is thrilled. Ben cried when the substitute did not play the ‘i’ song. I have been teaching for eighteen years. I have had phone conversations with you, and have felt the sincerity of what you wish to bring to primary students. Thank you."
Jennifer Cucolo - K teacher in Scarsdale, NY

“I've begun to use this approach and it REALLY WORKS! You are geniuses and I do mean that sincerely."
Eileen - Hopkinton School System

“I wish I had had this program a year ago. My students this past year would have benefitted so much. I used [popular reading program] but even that wonderful program did not work for some of my students. This program is so easy to integrate with other ones."
Faye - special needs teacher

“Being a dyslexic myself, I wish these cards were presented to me when learning the confusing vowel sounds. My students and I really connect to these cards. Thank you so much.”
Laurie in Holbrook, MA

“I can finally teach phonics in a fun and interesting way!"
Terri – teacher in Sanborn, NH

“Recently I was introduced to this program and it has changed my perception of how to teach reading. I have only used this for two months and my students are making HUGE strides in that time."
Morgan - Title One paraprofessional

My students are always asking, 'What letter friend do we get to learn today?' or 'When will we learn a new letter?' The program is easy to use - telling stories and giving cues. I especially like the Sight Words piece, which I used to struggle with because it was so boring."
Jodi - teacher

“As a speech pathologist, the more I think about it, the more this makes sense. I really like the fact that it can be used with a wide range of students: those with memory, cognitive, language deficits, and many more."
Sharon - speech pathologist in NH

“I have seen the program used in the classroom and the kids' enthusiasm is wonderful to see."
elementary school principal in New England

“As a student who had reading difficulties, I wish this program had been around for me. I truly feel this program makes a difference for a VARIETY of learning styles."
Carleen - educator in Massachusetts

“First time I have felt ALL kinds of learners will be engaged as phonics is taught!"
Anne - special education teacher in Rhode Island

“Excellent program! It is flexible and can be used in whole class and remedial. Fun for both teachers and students. Can be used with ANY literature and phonics based program. Materials are well organized, clearly presented, and user-friendly. A power-packed program!"
Carol - reading specialist in New England

“I am so excited that classroom teachers, reading teachers, and SPED teachers are all talking the same language with this program!"
Diane - reading teacher in Massachusetts

“FINALLY- this is something that is so concrete and still flexible, and it is so much fun to use!"
Pam - first grade teacher in Connecticut

“I absolutely LOVE this program! I saw such success with my students - they would BEG me to introduce more sounds or review the ones we learned."
Cindy- kindergarten teacher

“I am so impressed with the usability and success of this program. I am excited to be able to teach my students these ‘tools’ to unlock words!”
Kay - educator

“This is the best program I've seen on phonics in34 years of teaching (18 years in kindergarten)."
Ray - teacher in AWRS District

“The materials and concepts are all based on current research and they are kid-friendly. This program can be used with many age levels and many skill levels.”
Julie Hannon - Plymouth Public Schools

“As a speech pathologist, I found this so interesting. I can’t wait to begin using this consistently for articulation (speech sound) therapy. I think it will also be helpful to teach verb tense and plurals (‘ed’ and ‘s’) to children who have problems with this skill. Finally, I loved the sight words program! I can’t wait to begin using that with my son who is an emerging reader!”
Darcy Messineo - SLP in Shrewsbury, MA

“I continue to be amazed with the effectiveness of the program despite the severity of the disorders.”
Linda B. - SLP in Monroe, LA

Testimonials of the Reading with TLC seminars:

“It’s refreshing to finally attend a workshop that focuses on therapy techniques and practical strategies that we can use with our students. Delivery is upbeat and quickly paced. The time flies by due to high interest and presentation style. Your anecdotal remarks bring the human side to a clinical program.”
Denise B. - Director of Speech Services in Worcester, MA

“I thought this presentation was excellent. Nancy and Penny were a dynamic team with lots of enthusiasm. The methods and materials were very helpful and the ideas for activities were great. I appreciated the Q & A time. It’s great to hear from teachers that found something that works for them. The concepts were clear and easy to understand. I enjoyed watching the real-life scenarios of putting these methods to practice. Thank you for this great program and taking the time to do the training!”
B. Shartsman – Mass. General Hospital, IHP in Boston, MA

“This program has hugely impacted my teaching practice in terms of giving me the language to what I do intuitively. It has provided a clear, concise, and concrete method to improve intentionality and push my professional practice to be more purposeful. Good balance of listening and doing during the presentation.”
Hannah Stroud - SLP in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I’ve attended the [popular reading program] two-day overview. I did not leave with the same enthusiasm as I am leaving with today. After 17 years of teaching children how to read, I’ve learned that kids don’t care about the words ‘diphthong’ or ‘digraph.’ They want access to user-friendly language and simple cues to recall letter information. Thank you for creating a program that eliminates words that are confusing for kids and gives them the tools they need to read. Great job!”
J. Shields in Northboro, MA

“Excellent presentation! Information presented was informative and clear. I am anxious to take this back and try it! It is not yet used in my school district, but hopefully will be soon! I appreciate the opportunity to ask questions as well as participate in activities to process what we learned. Very impressed with your many hats – created AND performed your CD???!!! Wow!”
K. Kasidas in Bristol, CT

“This was a wonderful workshop and it’s a very useful program!!! I can’t wait to use it. It was very well presented. You work well together and were both very clear and entertaining! Don’t change a thing!”
C. Bamberg in Rockland, MA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. You are an amazing presenter. You kept the pace of the seminar moving quickly and time flew. It is evident that you are passionate about your work. It is also great to know that you are continuing to work with children and adolescents. So often, presenters lose that component in an effort to sell a product. At no point did you make us feel like we had to buy your products. You infused humor into your presentation. Your approach allowed learners of all kinds to feel comfortable. I will highly recommend that other teachers in my district use your program.”
Meghan Walsh in La Mesa-Spring Valley, CA

“The workshop was excellent! Thank you for all the strategies - this will work great with my students! I can’t wait to start tomorrow!”
J. Davis in North Attleboro, MA

“For the past year I have been using Lively Letters in my classroom, but without the training. I instantly fell in love with the program and saw great results with my students. Now, having the training behind me, I feel I will be able to implement the program in an even more effective manner. The training was both interesting and informative! It was full of background info on the program and carried us all the way through, into different activities that we will be able to use with our students. I’m really coming out of that training with some great information and ideas. Thank you for a great experience! You really have created an amazing program and your presentation of it was fantastic…Thank you! PS – You are both hilarious! If all else fails, you should go into standup! ”
B. Maguire in Chelmsford, MA

“The presenter was absolutely great! Being an EC educator, I know this is a major necessity for success. It is nice to know that two highly educated women have a passion to teach children and produced the material to help others carry on their passion.”
Christine Silva-Ramos – instructor at Wheelock College and New Bedford Public Schools

“You did a fabulous job presenting a great deal of information! I am so excited to start working with my students using a system that I know will deliver success!”
Theresa Martin in Saddle Brook, NJ

“The presenters have a friendly, positive style, much like a mentor, encouraging participants to take part in the presentation. Because they work with students, they understand whole class and small group instruction settings and the situations teachers may be in when teaching. Very realistic.”
Pat Lapierre in Burrillville, RI

“Thank you! I am beginning my 30th year of teaching grades one or two and I learned a lot! I can’t wait to see the progress that our students can achieve using Lively Letters! Marianne Nice was an excellent presenter -realistic and informed, with a sense of humor.”
Deborah Nichols in Rollinsford, NH

“Thank you so much for an informative and well-planned training session. As a home schooling parent, I appreciated the opportunity to take part in this type of professional development workshop. I look forward to using your program with my children.”
Teresa Balser – home school parent in Amesbury, MA

“Great session! I liked that it wasn’t filled with a lot of fluff, and also because you didn’t make the participants do a lot of silly activities. I really love the multisensory things in the program that have to do with the letter characters - which most other programs don’t do, but which are such great hooks for fun and memory. Lastly, I love that you also gear this for the CLASSROOM, versus just for special education, which is what many programs limit themselves to.”
Jodi Bond – teacher in Groton, MA

“I think the fact that Nancy and Penny are presenting clinicians with lots of realistic advice and experience shows. I like that they have the best interest of the children in mind and you can see that their program is developed out of real problem-solving experiences that they have had with their own students. Nancy and Penny are very warm and welcoming presenters. They were able to take the time to really thoroughly answer everyone’s questions.”
J. Hart – Graduate Student in Boston, MA

“This has to be one of the best (most informative) workshops I’ve ever attended. The program is interesting and the presenters were funny, dynamic, and great communications. I admire you both and am in awe of what you’ve created.”
Claire Briand.Arnold in Chemsford, MA

“This [Reading with TLC, Part 3] was such a wonderful workshop. Rarely do I get an opportunity to make the wonderful activities and games I see at workshops. Marianne Nice is a wonderful presenter. She is very informative and kept us engaged. Thank you so much!”
Jennifer O’Connell in Winthrop, MA

“I have absolutely loved today’s workshop. I will definitely use it with my Title One students in grades K-2 and my 3rd graders who still need it. It is an approach that involves their connecting with previous emotional experiences, and that will help them retain each letter, its use, and sound. The music is absolutely awesome, and will also help the concepts stick. The difference in this program and others is that it affects their ‘affective domain,’ appealing to their emotions through the stories, music, and art that give the letters an extra dimension of meaning.”
B. Lee in Revere, MA

“So many times when people plan “make and take” sessions, there is inadequate time to complete the projects. Today’s session [Reading with TLC, Part 3] with Marianne was very well planned to allow people to complete the tasks. The information in the Powerpoint was excellent - a good review of Lively Letters concepts and other research information, as well.
Gail Rines - administrator in Chelmsford, MA

“Your workshop was fabulous. I’m excited about applying this new knowledge and the techniques in my classroom. This is such a teacher-friendly program, especially since there are minimal preparations required for teaching these lessons. You have taught me so many insightful and unique strategies to develop early readers and writers in my classroom. This program is so fun an appealing to children. Thank you!”
Joy Souza – Exeter/West Greenwich Schools in RI

“This was a fabulous workshop! The materials, games, and strategies will all be implemented immediately! The experience and the expertise of the presenter truly added to this seminar.”
Judith McGhee in Winthrop, MA

“I can’t wait to see the results with our kindergarten and first grade students! As a second grade teacher, I am thrilled to have a program to use with my struggling learners, as well as a program to review those very important phonics skills. You were both so informative and entertaining! Both days flew by!”
Lynn Courtemanche in Ashburnham, MA

“Wow! I was feeling anxious about introducing my new first graders to a new program as a rookie! But, now. you’ve given me the confidence and support I needed to implement this program. Thank you both. I really enjoyed seeing the video segments and it was valuable practicing the activities. Your talents are incredible and I loved watching you play off of each other! “
Elieen Kossakoski in Sanborn, NH

“I really enjoyed this seminar. It’s been the best professional development opportunity I’ve taken advantage of, as far as usefulness goes. I’ve begun to use this approach to teaching phonemic awareness and phonics and it REALLY WORKS! You are geniuses - and I do mean that sincerely. You are doing everything right. Keep up the great, innovative work!”
Eileen Sullivan in Hopkinton, MA

“I am excited to be able to teach my students these ‘tools’ to unlock words. I am impressed with the usability and success of this program. The presenters were personable, knowledgeable, and made it fun. They ‘sell’ the ‘you can do it’ attitude!”
Kay Carter in Chelmsford, MA

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