"What do you think would be the noisy partner to that choking sound? (k) Let's turn our voices on while we make that choking sound. Right! 'g' [Show picture] This little girl is gulping down some grape drink and she's choking a little on it. She's making noisy gulping sounds, 'g-g-g-g.' (We are focusing only on the hard sound of g right now; the soft sound will be referenced at a later time.) See how her arm comes under her head to hold the glass while she's gulping? Pretend you're holding a cup while you're making a noisy gulping sound. There's another letter with a circle and a hook like this, but the hook is not going under the circle, it goes the other way. We'll learn that one next."

Hand cue: Pretend to be holding a cup and drinking, or put hands on own neck as if choking.

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