Download and print free Reading with TLC samples to see what the program is all about!


Click on the picture above to hear the Growling Dog Song (“er,” “ir,” “ ur ”) from the Lively Letters Character Songs CD (link to song track sent separately)

Click here for these Lively Letters Characters:
a, o, u, i, e, s, l, r, ou, oi, er, ir, and ur

Click here for Lively Letters Coloring Book
Letter i
Letter l
Letter r

Click here for Let’s Practice Reading with TLC:
Vowel Sound Practice
Hard and soft “c”
R-Controlled Vowels

Click here for Lively Letters Instruction Manual
Lists of words with consonant blends
Vowel path
Click here for 5 powerpoint slides on decoding words with blends

Click here for TLC Sight Word Sorter
Click here for a sample set of Sight Words You Can See

Click here for 7 Important Spelling Rules.
Click here for sample pages of the TLC Tic Tac Toe games with multisyllable words