Free Samples

Download and print free Reading with TLC samples to see what the program is all about!

Lively Letters Song


The Growling Dog Song (er, ir, ur)

Lively Letters Phonic Stories

Quiet Lip
Puffing Sound
Noisy Lip
Puffing Sound
Quiet Tongue
Dancing Sound
Noisy Tongue
Dancing Sound
Quiet, Small
Air Sound
The Toddler The Apple King Ed The Baby and the Basketball Player

Lively Letters Coloring Sheets

Coloring sheet r Coloring sheet l Coloring sheet i

Let's Practice Reading with TLC Worksheets

Vowel Sound Practice Hard and Soft 'c' Consonant-L-E R-Controlled Vowels

Sight Words You Can See Samples

Sight Word Sorter Sight Words
Sample Cards

Extra TLC Resources

7 Rules for Spelling The Vowel Path Consonant Blend
Word List
Multisyllable Word
Tic Tac Toe

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